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Want your music in Commercials, TV, Film and Interactive Gaming?

We're Evolving Again!

Right now we're working on turning this open modeled community into a closed Virtual Music & Sound Design Agency for freelance talent. This community will be utilized by Toronto based Music & Sound Design Agency:


TUNESTER members will soon have the opportunity to Make Money and Develop their Reels by pitching their work on high-end Commercial Avertising Media, TV shows, Film, and Interactive Gaming.

If you are a:

- Music Producer or Sound Designer
- Trained Voice Over Artist
- Session Musician
- Independent Band
- CGI and 3D Modeler/Artist

Now is the time to upload your Reel, Portfolio, or Body of Work!

This beta version will be replaced, and TUNESTER will be closed to the general public.

Membership acceptance and entry will soon be highly standardized and submission based.
There will be a limited number of positions allotted for each category.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your work in on ground level!
To The Moon play To The Moon
An Explorer
Save Your Cigarettes play Save Your Cigarettes
Via Cue
All Along play All Along
Via Cue
Hell To Heaven play Hell To Heaven
An Explorer
Fifty Million Reasons play Fifty Million Reasons
Via Cue
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